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This new year's hot product are these wonderfully funky electric "Harley" Style Fat Boy Scooters.

As well as those listed, we have variety of colours including Black, Silver, Purple, Brown, Orange, Green and Metallics.
Technical Specifications

Technical data:
Engine: 2000 W
Twisting coins: 95/Nm
Speed: Limited up to 25km/h (Max. speed 50-55km/h)
Battery: Removable 60v 12AH, Lithium, charging time 5 hours
Brakes: front and back hydraulic disc brakes
Maximun weight: 55kg, permissible load 200kg
Tyres: 18x9.5 inches
Distance: Distance travelled is according to the driving speed and other actions up to 40-60 km
Length: 175cm
Height: 120cm
Width: 75cm
Seat height: 70cm
Height from the ground: 8cm

Disc hydraulic brakes at the
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